Do you think that you could meet or team up with Samantha Argus from Safe Havens and Patiina from On The Fastrack? You two are quite computer geeks!

I know of them!  However, our comic strips are under two different copyrights.

I heard of Kell's Angels. She even has some buttons for them. Will you be able to get some buttons from your blog logo?

Those buttons are specifically for those who support the strip. :)  If you’d like to join, it might be possible to receive one with the blog artwork instead of the regular art.


    By now you’ve probably heard how Domain was paralyzed by an event that was extraordinary for this region: an enormous mass of shedded fur that blanketed the area.  We became the butt of many jokes in other parts of the country that are more used to it, not recognizing that we don’t have the machinery or resources that come from dealing with it day to day.
    That said, in one respect we did bring this upon ourselves in terms of the official response (or lack of same).  Unlike most major metropolitan areas this one finds itself divided so minutely that any united approach to a crisis is impossible. (Also, some of the official bodies are controlled by an ideology that doesn’t *want* government to work at all, but that’s another story).
    The result was that there was no coordination whatsoever when the city shut down all at once leaving every square inch of asphalt gridlocked. While Kell shut down her company before any of her employees had gotten on the road, Coney and her friends had always left on a school bus which became trapped for hours.
    Dad and Kell finally took matters into their own hands. Dad led her down into the rabbit warren, and located the exit shaft nearest to where the bus was snarled.  Kell’s hereditary lung capacity did the rest.
    The children and the bus driver were led through the tunnels back to our house where they stayed the rest of the afternoon until the roads were cleared. The parents all came over to pick up their kids, and the driver was taken back to the bus.

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Do you think that you could team up with Rudy and Fiona for Easter this year?

He always turns down my requests to help.

Just wondering if you were planning to plant flowers this year. If so, what sort of flowers are you going to plant? I suggest you go with clover. That would benefit Tree as well as the bees. (On top of that, you could give Kevin a clover bouquet for Father's Day!)

Yes, we are!  :)  Clover is on the list, along with daffodils and tulips.  We hope that Tree gets over her “personality conflict” with flowers and doesn’t block the sunlight.


    Fenton and I just returned home to Beige after spending the weekend in Domain.  We left on Friday evening and made the two-hour trip to stay at the Fuscus house in Fenton’s old bedroom.  Dip now has his own room, and he and Fenton’s parents have become a close-knit family unit. (Of course they always have been; just unawares.)
    We came to attend the Renaissance Faire for Extinct Species, an event intended to bring awareness to species loss and their possible reintroduction through genetics. One of the sponsors was the genetics lab back at Beige U. where I work, so for me it was personal.
    I created a Passenger Pigeon costume which required six weeks of construction.  Fenton spent considerably less time on his, making a paper mache mastodon head the night before.
    We spent all day Saturday at the Faire, answering questions while in character.  The turnout was impressive. I didn’t win Best Costume, but I did win a Special Commendation for Worst Pun.

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    I logged on to that site and went through the process. As promised, it took less than five minutes. Rachel and Joan were pleased to no end, and they immediately relaxed into their old comfortable selves. The contentiousness between them dissipated as soon as the issue was resolved.  Yet…they didn’t demonstrate much in the way of conflict resolution; they just found their way around the obstacle without any give and take.  But they’ll have the rest of their lives to work on that.
    Anyway, I’m now allowed to officiate at weddings. As I mentioned last week I just feel there needs to be more to this process; it seems so superficial. Rudy wrote online that I’m over-thinking this and maybe that’s true, but right now I don’t feel qualified no matter what this site says.
    Coney heard about all this, and when we drove up for the weekend she asked me to marry two of her dolls. (A frog and a robot.)  I accessed the Book of Common Prayer and was reading it aloud for about five minutes when I looked up and realized that Coney had gotten bored and wandered off.

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    Now I know why Rachel came over last week; she and her longtime girlfriend Joan Hoof announced that they were getting married in June.  Ordinarily that would be wonderful news, except that it came with an awful conflict for me.
    For the ceremony they chose bridesmaids to flank them on each side of the altar, and I was on both lists. Both Rachel and Joan are strong-willed individuals who don’t back down from a position, and that quality serves them well in most instances. In this case, though, it threatened their ability to make compromises necessary in a successful marriage. In short, what we have here are two Bridezillas.
    Each of them offered enticements for me to stand next to them, and I refused to play along. It was an uncomfortable 24 hours, but the next day they showed up at our tree together after having arrived at a solution: having me conduct the ceremony.  At least then I’d be right in the center.
    They pointed out how quick and easy it is to become ordained to perform weddings by going online. (“Just as fast as microwaving popcorn!” one site says.)  However, I’m naturally suspicious of anything quick and easy; this in particular as it concerns the deepest matters of the heart.  They still haven’t convinced me.

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    Okay, Elsa, you can let it go now. We’ve had enough with the snow and ice.
    Rare events that occurred this week: (1) Another bout of freezing precipitation, although this fortunately began Tuesday night when everyone was home in bed. (2) The Winter Olympics (once every four years) (3) An actual earthquake Friday evening, which hardly ever occurs in this part of the country, and (4) Rudy doing the right thing with his bacon bouquet. And yes, Fiona had indeed gotten rid of the poodle cut by then.
    Meanwhile, I got a surprise visit from my former roommate, Rachel Einhorn.  She came over and basically just hung out for a few hours. I wonder what that was all about.

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    Rudy couldn’t figure what was up with Fiona when she told him she needed to spend Saturday alone. In and of itself that wasn’t so unusual as she often spends an entire weekend on homework.  This, however, wasn’t one of those times.
    No, she spent the whole day having her fur curled in the form of a poodle in the mistaken notion that she somehow had to “compete” with Caniche for Rudy’s affections.  As I said last week Fiona is level-headed most times, but when one is a teenager the possibility of over-reaction is a constant byproduct of hormones.
    She avoided Rudy all day Sunday, and got to school ahead of him Monday morning.  He saw her minutes before the bell rang, but that gave him just enough time to say the right things to reassure Fiona that she had nothing to worry about from our French visitor.  (Like most romance comedy contrivances, it falls apart in seconds when the two parties are finally honest with each other.)
    Now Fiona has a…unique…furstyle.  Fortunately it’ll be able to be restored to its normal state by Valentines Day.

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