Here in Equestria, a simple "Shoo! Shoo!" is usually enough to keep rabbits out of your garden... Provided, that is, you're not growing any fruits or vegetables.

Here, rabbits are much more aggressive. :)

Oh, I was hoping she saved the saved the hair so it could donated to Locks of Love.

She would have, but she was at camp and there wasn’t a place to store it.

"She intensely disapproves, for reasons I personally can’t argue with." I don't know. I think Lin would be a good influence on Wendell.

If anyone would be a good influence on him, it’s Lin.

Any word on what became of Coney's original hair?

She cut it off herself; not sure how she disposed of it. :)

    There was a lot going on this week, highlighted by the conclusion of Coney’s camp adventure.
    As reported, she was totally busted for switching places with Wendell. Dad and Kell were on their way to pick her up for breaking explicit camp rules when word came that her cousin Francis was outside the predator camp boundary.  Coney has a canine sense of smell that she inherited from Kell, and was enlisted to find the missing human three-year-old (along with Wendell and Harcourt).
    A complication was the media; overnight they’d descended on the camps to report on the story of a rabbit bringing down a bear.  The camp didn’t want it to get out that *two* security breeches had occurred on the same day, so they needed to maintain the fiction that Wendell was the savior.  So, Coney had to find her cousin, and not get caught by the reporters. Dad and Kell were called to get their permission for Coney to join the hunt, and out of concern for Francis they agreed.
    As Coney proceeded through the brush she was stealthily protected by the counsellors following her closely.  She quickly picked up Wendell’s scent and found all three within fifteen minutes.  She and Wendell switched clothes, and he soon found himself before the newshounds.
    Coney was driven home. Despite the medical exam given at the camp, the parental units wanted to make sure that she hadn’t been exposed to rabies by the bear.  Fortunately Dr. Caduceus confirmed the initial diagnosis.
    After that reassurance Kell was able to express her displeasure over Coney’s self-haircut.  Kell’s sensitive about that, given her own traumatic experience with losing her hair that one time.
    Finally, Lin’s mother was told about the texting going on between Lin and Wendell. She intensely disapproves, for reasons I personally can’t argue with.

Today’s strip


    Rachel kept me informed as to what was going on. The camp staff knew from the kids’ cell phones that Coney and Wendell had switched places, but before the parents could be notified the rabid bear attack occurred. That of course took priority.
    The lockdown enabled the staff to sweep the area for any other creatures carrying rabies. That took all day and most of the night before the all clear was given. During that time Coney (with her rather amateurish haircut) was given a private tent as a precaution.  Wendell, meanwhile, was kept under tight observation in the girls’ cabin.
    The next morning Rachel was given the assignment of telling Coney the jig was up.  Coney took her punishment with acceptance; I doubt she’ll pull that stunt again. And she still has to face the wrath of Mom.
    Meanwhile, more trouble appeared on the other side of the lake when Francis escaped the oversight of Wendell and Harcourt.  In short order he used the flag pole rope to scale the wall (which was smaller for the predators).  Wendell and Harcourt took off after him, so now three children were beyond the camp’s supervision, without their cell phones that ordinarily enabled them to be located.
    All the counsellors were notified, including Rachel who had the idea of using Coney to track her cousins and best male friend.  While that was going on, Wendell and Harcourt had to fight through the rope traps set by Francis. A wild feline wasn’t so lucky, ending up drenched and embarrassed as he was eventually washed up at the lake shore and freed by the counsellors.
    Knowing felines, he probably wished he’d drowned.

Today’s strip

No, it's only her second. Last year only Harcourt and Wendell had a major adventure.

I was also counting the first year, when she and Lin helped Wendell reach his mom’s car, which was outside the permitted territory. :)

"After this she won’t do it again. :)" Assuming she's allowed to return. This is her third transgression.

She’ll be back, but she’ll have to be on her best behavior from now on.

They can't just make her peel a tub of potatoes? Or whatever the carnivore equivalent of that is?

They were easy on her the first time (when she and Lin snuck over). After this she won’t do it again. :)

Why was Coney kicked out of camp? She didn't mean any harm and most of the staff in both camps seemed amused by her little stunt.

…And she saved the lives of numerous campers by incapacitating the bear.  However, this isn’t the first time she’s violated camp rules by sneaking over, and the consequences of doing so are clearly stated in the guidelines.