They can't just make her peel a tub of potatoes? Or whatever the carnivore equivalent of that is?

They were easy on her the first time (when she and Lin snuck over). After this she won’t do it again. :)

Why was Coney kicked out of camp? She didn't mean any harm and most of the staff in both camps seemed amused by her little stunt.

…And she saved the lives of numerous campers by incapacitating the bear.  However, this isn’t the first time she’s violated camp rules by sneaking over, and the consequences of doing so are clearly stated in the guidelines.


    The switch between Coney and Wendell was only supposed to last an afternoon. That all changed when a huge rabid bear attacked the Herbivore Camp.
    In the throes of the disease he somehow got through the considerable defenses circling the camp.  He would’ve done horrific damage but fortunately, Coney was the first individual he encountered.  She also demonstrated quick thinking by using her sharp claws to incapacitate the bear, as claws are a weapon shared by both wolves and rabbits. She was able to save the camp and still maintain the fiction that she was Wendell.
    With his Achilles tendons severed, the bear was totally immobile. He was restrained and taken to the nearest hospital where hopefully he’ll be treated.  Coney, of course, will need to be examined as a precaution, but she’s up to date on her vaccinations so I’m confident she’s okay.
    Meanwhile, both camps went into lockdown as the areas around them were checked for other rabid creatures. That meant Wendell was forced to spend the night in the cabin for carnivorous young ladies. With a little help from Lin he was able to pull it off.
    The next morning found Coney still confined to her tent, and Wendell still in Lin’s cabin.  At breakfast Harcourt informed Wendell that they were responsible for mentoring little Francis, the human.  Wendell is familiar with Francis’s lack of defenses, but that doesn’t excuse dismissing him out of hand.  Speaking from experience, it’s never a good idea to underestimate a human.

Today’s strip

I think that Coney's penchant for HARE-brained schemes came from the Kindle side of the family. (Think of all the times your grandfather wound up in jail.)

Or perhaps…The reason Grandpa Kindle always ended up in jail was because he wasn’t clever enough to think up workable plans. :)

Did Coney at least save the hair she shaved off so it can be donated to Locks of Love or something?

I hope she did; it’s a worthwhile charity that brings much happiness to those who need it.


Coney seems to have inherited Rudy’s penchant for ill-considered, impulsive strategies that tend to blow up in the face of those involved. Let’s just hope she also got the unlimited supply of luck that Rudy frequently is forced to draw upon.

The camps train young predators and prey not only to succeed in satisfying their respective diets but in learning to join a society in which both groups interact. To that end there are several heavy monitored gatherings in which the campers mingle.

Apparently no one noticed Coney and Wendell sneaking off behind some bushes and re-emerging five minutes later.  They had traded shirts, RFID lanyards and of course the wig.  One spray of vermin scent (popular among young carnivores) and the switch was complete.

Lin and Wendell immediately discovered that texting can be an easier form of communication than talking face to face, and then each group returned to the respective camps. Coney, being half-rabbit, had the easiest time blending in.

Moments after Lin and Wendell were ensconced in the Predator Camp’s girl’s cabin, the alarm was sounded for both camps to go into lockdown. Next week, more complications…

Today’s strip

Do Coney and Lin ever play fight?

Yes, they do, with the emphasis on play.

Lin & Wendell not able to talk face to face. It's just like Fiona & Rudy's early relationship.

Yes, Rudy pointed that out this morning on his Facebook page. :)

I know it's nearly impossible at this point for Kell to return to Herd Thinners, but is there at least way she and R.L. could get back on friendly terms?

That remains to be seen. The next time their paths will cross will be Career Day at Coney’s preschool.

Hang on. How do you know about the wig? I highly doubt either Coney, Lin or Wendel would tell anybody about it, considering their past camp adventurers.

It takes time for a comic strip to be written, drawn and colored. In short, the actual events were several ago. :)