Lin & Wendell not able to talk face to face. It's just like Fiona & Rudy's early relationship.

Yes, Rudy pointed that out this morning on his Facebook page. :)

I know it's nearly impossible at this point for Kell to return to Herd Thinners, but is there at least way she and R.L. could get back on friendly terms?

That remains to be seen. The next time their paths will cross will be Career Day at Coney’s preschool.

Hang on. How do you know about the wig? I highly doubt either Coney, Lin or Wendel would tell anybody about it, considering their past camp adventurers.

It takes time for a comic strip to be written, drawn and colored. In short, the actual events were several ago. :)


    Life at the camps had been going along smoothly… Too smoothly.
    While Wendell was deep into his usual grumbling mode at Camp Chewalottacud, Coney, Lin and Harcourt were successfully staying out of trouble.  They were following the camp guidelines and were even being positive role models for little Francis.  If the camp counselors weren’t suspicious by this point, they should all be given demerits.
    While all this was going on, Wendell and Lin were texting back and forth.  They seem to have more in common than you’d think between a tiger and a rabbit, but considering my family I’m not surprised.  Both children are extremely ambitious, but hide vulnerabilities beneath aggressive exteriors.  Managing expectations, from both inward and outward sources, can be stressful and draining. By texting, they’ve found they’re not alone.  (Let’s just hope Lin’s mother doesn’t find out.)
    That’s when Coney stepped in, with the blond wig that Lin wore last Halloween when the two girls dressed as each other.  There’s an intercamp postal system, and Coney had it delivered to Wendell.  Of course, making the actual switch will be tricky.

Today’s strip


The buses carrying the campers arrived at their separate destinations after a ninety-minute journey. Even rabbits like Wendell who live in the underground warren travelled overland, although there are rumors that the rabbits have tunnel entrances everywhere.

Having grown up in the warren myself I can assert that that’s not true. Also, unless there’s been new construction since Dad and I left, there is no tunnel access near the camps.  If you need any further proof consider this: Wendell is stuck there. If there were any way of leaving the herbivore camp he’d have found it.

Meanwhile, Coney, Lin, Harcourt and little Francis are considerably more enthusiastic about the activities planned for the predator children. Coney and Lin are in the girl’s cabin, Harcourt is with the boys, and Francis is in the special three-year-old bunkhouse. 

In this setting Francis is demonstrating some unique skills. I’ve watched his development closely, and I’m realizing that, all appearances to the contrary, he’s not as helpless and defenseless as one might think.

Lastly, Lin is constantly texting Wendell. It’s perhaps a sign of how bored he is that he replies.  Or, maybe it’s a sign of something else.

My, all this and I haven’t even talked about my sister! Well, I’m sure Coney has something planned…

Today’s strip


    It’s July, and at the Dewclaw household that means one thing: Coney goes off to Predator Camp.
    She never goes alone, and this year she’ll be accompanied by her friends Lin and Harcourt. As an added twist, for the first time Danielle is sending three-year-old Francis along.  The camp has a special system for little predators, giving them mentors in the age group just ahead of them.  All are overseen by the counselors, of course.
    Francis’s mentor is Harcourt, and Coney will provide an extra set of eyes.  As the world’s only carnivorous bunny she’s a celebrity, but she still probably doesn’t realize it. Dad and Kell do their best to insulate her from that, but in a setting like camp she can’t help but notice that other campers defer to her.
    Meanwhile, poor Wendell Luckyfoot is at Herbivore Camp which he hates with a passion. He complains bitterly and unceasingly, but yet he goes.  One would think it might be that he actually likes being across the lake from a certain little tiger girl.  Lin keeps texting him, and so far he hasn’t blocked her.
    Subplots aplenty!

Today’s strip


The weight loss competition between Frank Mangle and Kell came to an end this week with a surprising outcome. FYI, since the object of the contest was to incentivize healthy behavior, the winner wasn’t determined by the number of pounds lost but by their overall body mass index.
It seemed that Kell had squeaked out a victory on the morning of the weigh in, but Frank resorted to desperate measures by cutting off his precious mane. That put him ahead, but Kell would have won if she had followed suit. She chose not to, and Desdemona declared Frank the winner.
Neither of the two ever said what the winner received. I suspect….nothing. Under R.L. they were competitive so long that it’s become second nature.
They don’t need a reason.

Throwing my two cents in, I think that your new blog photo should be you in that Passenger Pigeon outfit, wings and all. (Without the wings is cute, too.)

Fenton liked that, too! :)

Now that your wearing a new outfit, RU gonna update your blog photo?

Yes, I should.  Hopefully before classes restart in the fall.

Now that your wearing a new outfit, RU gonna update your blog photo?