Uh, I remember correctly, I believe it was the Rabbit Council who encouraged Kell to start her own company.

Shhh!!!  Only Kell and Kevin are supposed to know that! ;)


    The big news in Domain was the construction of a new preschool across the street from Coney’s carnivore class, this one specifically for herbivores. Both schools are run by the same company, and it has a sterling record of safety for both groups.
    Rachel immediately applied, and was accepted.  In addition to her degree from Beige U., she had extensive experience as a counsellor at the Herbivore Camp.  The later probably carried more weight, since that’s another entity that knows how to protect headstrong youngsters who don’t realize they’re being protected.  (Yes, Coney, I’m looking at you, little sister.)
    So now Rachel is busy making lesson plans and buying supplies…and telling Joan no, the school doesn’t require someone to design uniforms.  They’re receiving a great deal of interest from local herbivore parents, including a certain family in the rabbit warren.
    That would be Wendell, whose dissatisfaction with his education is exceeded only by his dislike of the Herbivore Camp.  I know what classes are taught in the underground rabbit warren, and basically it’s how best to steal vegetables.  To outsiders the Rabbit Council makes a big show of discouraging vegetable theft, but winks at it among themselves.  (Yes, this is why Gran was so intent on teaching garden security to Rudy.)
    Wendell, despite being adept at the five-fingered-discount, found it unchallenging and desired more. (Good for him!)  He convinced his mother that it would best serve his Easter Bunny ambitions to go to a school with a more diverse student body, and she relented.
    The school opens in a few weeks!

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Maybe the fact that Rachel and Joan's tree is keeping silent is proof of his/her intelligence.

That’s a very good point! :)

Wait, aren't there several rabbits who grow their own vegetables?

Yes, many rabbits garden competitively. But that’s not what they’re teaching at Wendell’s school.

Don't call Joan a Clothes Horse? As she seems to want to control everything, can I call her a Nag instead? (From a hiding place...)

Yes, hiding is most definitely a wise strategy.


    I was checking in Rachel and Joan back in Domain, seeing how they were adjusting to married life.  They both have degrees from Beige University, but at the moment neither has a full time job. Rachel comes the closest, as her work as herbivore camp counsellor does give her income, but only on a seasonal freelance basis.  At least it’s in the field of her degree, which is in teaching.  Joan, meanwhile, studied fashion design. (Do *not* call her a clothes horse.)
    If you’re wondering, they qualified for the loan on their tree by having Rachel’s parents cosign for it.  Apparently home loans are exceedingly difficult to get these days for freelancers.  Loan officers pick through every detail of a person’s finances, demanding that the borrower justify virtually every penny of their income to prove their not laundering money or something. I’m glad we got Tree when we did.
    Rachel and Joan have lived in their tree for two months, and so it hasn’t exhibited any of the intelligent behavior unique to its mother. Either that, or perhaps the two newlyweds are too preoccupied to notice.

I meant to ask a while back but only remembered just now, do you think Rachel and Joan's house inherited any sentience from Tree?

There’s no evidence so far.  From the start, Tree has been able to communicate with me by holding her branches in such a way that the wind creates her “voice.”  Her offspring has not demonstrated that.

Was that actually a meat burger she cooked him or another 'lesson' with a flavoured veggie patty?

Yes, that was actually ground beef. :)


Rudy’s smart; I know that by now. (How many ever successfully stowed away on the space shuttle?) Yet, as an 18-year-old he still has learning curves ahead of him.
Case in point: Gardening, something to which he’s shown a surprising talent. Last year Gran was his partner during the televised competition, and she saw untapped potential.
She’s a born teacher, and saw that he responds best to direct challenges. She then set herself up as his adversary.
A vital part of gardening is defending one’s crop. (Indoor gardening is strictly minor league to purists.) Rudy, being a wolf, felt that his reputation was protection enough. Repeated explanations to the contrary fell on deaf ears, so…She took another approach.
Several of her many grandchildren were enlisted to steal a section of his produce while she distracted him. They were returned just before the weigh-in.
That, he won’t forget.

Here in Equestria, a simple "Shoo! Shoo!" is usually enough to keep rabbits out of your garden... Provided, that is, you're not growing any fruits or vegetables.

Here, rabbits are much more aggressive. :)