Leaving the office Friday evening, Kell and Caniche had thought that Caniche’s former employers had given up trying to silence her.  Twelve paces away from the car, that assumption was proven wrong in the form a boulder painted like an Easter egg. It missed by inches.    
    Caniche immediately abandoned her strategy of keeping quiet and hoping they’d forget about her, resolving to go to the international authorities first thing on Monday. But first she’d have to survive the weekend. Easter weekend.
    Me, I would’ve kept her in the house never more than six feet away from Coney. But no; Caniche felt that being outdoors, away from buildings, where none of the trees could support a boulder was protection enough.
    Fiona did the requisite Easter bunny makeup, complete with pheromones which may or may not throw the assassins off the track.  It was an effective disguise, though, and at sunset Rudy, Fiona, Caniche and apprentice Wendell headed out for the ten-hour race to hide eggs around the county.
    Being nocturnal I’ve been staying up waiting for developments.  It seems to be going well so far… Wait.  I’m getting slight but noticeable seismograph readings from the area right around where Rudy is now.  It’s as if the ground is being shaken by…boulders.

Today’s strip

I would like to see a selfie of yourself and your friends.

I know the Fastrack staff created a selfie. I guess the closest thing we have is this. http://kevinandkell.com/2001/kk0422.html


    Those of you who follow Ms. Aura’s Twitter feed from the human world know that she’s got a problem with a marmot. As a result she asked me to do some detective work, and what I uncovered demonstrated that he’d been on a very interesting journey, similar to one Fenton and I once took.
    Basically, we got a crash course in the existence of dimensional portals that cross both time and planes of existence.  Our tale was recounted in the book "Oh the Humanity," in which we were transformed into humans after a number of stops on the way.
    The marmot encountered a similar predicament. In his case he went through a portal by accident, and instead returning straight home as he’d been directed, simple greed led him to make a more circuitous route that nearly proved his undoing.

Today’s strip


    As Rachel and Joan’s wedding preparations proceed, I’m thinking more and more deeply about my role.  They’ve given me the lines I’ll be saying, which are actually quite beautiful, but I’d like to be more than a mouthpiece.  They’ve entrusted me to officiate the ceremony so I feel responsible that it all goes well. Rudy, as always, says I’m over-thinking this. For once, Fenton agrees with him.
    Still, I’m feeling a need to be helpful, which is the same impulse that feeds my scientific research.  I’ve never felt a separation between my analytical inquiries and my basic desire to connect with others on an emotional level. They’re all one and the same. (Although, from what I see at the lab, I know that’s not a universal sentiment.)
    I guess that being railroaded into getting ordained has given me permission to indulge that side of me that heretofore only had a limited outlet. It was in this mood that Tree began telling me that I’ve been her spiritual advisor all along.
    I suppose so, once she explained the influence I’ve had on her. I get that. But then, she said that other trees, ones that can’t speak like she can, could still benefit from knowing me. I asked how this was possible, and Tree said she could translate for me.
    So how I’m thinking, trees talk to each other???  I knew she had a connection to the maple across the street through their root systems, but maybe it’s more like a network.
    And I’d be the router.

Today’s strip

Can you do a selfie of yourself and anyone else?

I take many selfies. :)

So, do you and Fenton follow any kind of exercise routine?

He gets a lot of exercise carrying me in flight. I probably need to do more on my own.

I love your renninsance fair outfit!

Thanks so much! I may remove the feathers and wear it again sometime.


Kell has done well in disguising it, but she has gained weight since becoming exclusively desk bound. That often happens to professional athletes after retirement, and essentially, that’s what the top predators are.
Most of the weight gain is in her thighs, and her skirts hide most of it. In Frank Mangle’s case it was fairly obvious, and two of them decided it would be mutually beneficial to turn it into a contest. Ever since the days at Herd Thinners when R.L. was playing them off against each other, they’ve responded well to being rivals. The mixture of respect and recognition as equals spurred both to higher levels than they’d imagined.
Even better, Kell has Dad involved. He’s the one who needs exercise the most, as I sometimes worry that he’ll become as heavy as Uncle Ralph. Dad works at his screen all day which is productive, but can’t be good in the long run as far as his body is concerned.
So far Kell hasn’t asked Gran for training assistance. I think she recalls all too vividly Gran’s physical therapy as she recovered from the broken leg a while back.


    As much as becoming ordained has led me into a personal reevaluation of my spiritual side, one good thing about officiating my friends’ wedding is that I’m excluded from the bridesmaid duties.  Seriously.   I may grouse about them writing the service that I’ll be speaking, but that vastly preferable what the actual bridesmaids are going through.
    After spending an entire Saturday at a dress shop, Fiona texted me with the comment, “I’m so glad they’re marrying each other!” meaning, they’re getting their Bridezilla fix over the course of one wedding instead of making all of us go through two. :)  I asked how bad I had been, and Fiona sent me a text full of hearts.  So, they’re making me look good.
    Keep in mind they’re not behaving terribly. They’re just perfectionists.  That’s partly what makes them such loyal friends; the attention to every little detail.  They can be so…focused.
    The surprising thing, I guess, is that those types usually marry total slobs.  They’ve shown, though, that they can coexist in the same apartment, so they’ve worked it out somehow.
    Probably due to their attention to detail.

Today’s strip

Have you given any thought to upgrading your wardrobe? As a young woman in what's still a man's world, a more sophisticated look might help them see you as an adult. (Plus, a slimmer silhouette would be more aerodynamic.)

Fenton *did* mention that it was easier to carry me when I wore that Ren Faire costume…