Wish I could use Rachel's tactics on a certain student of mine. Unfortunately she's a bit smarter than Hockley, she keeps an eye out for witnesses, and besides that smartphones aren't very popular here. They're a bit difficult to use with hooves.

Good luck! It sounds as if you have a challenge on your hooves. Are you citizen of Equestria?


It didn’t take long for Rachel to face her first real challenge as a preschool teacher. Unsurprisingly it involved Wendell. Unexpectedly, Wendell wasn’t the instigator.
Wendell had been minding is own business when a boar named Hockley came up behind him and slugged him without warning. According to the rest of the class, there was an instant when it appeared that Wendell would come up swinging, but he stayed down long enough for Rachel make sure no other punches were thrown.
After reviewing the video evidence from multiple angles, Rachel sent Hockley to the Headmaster’s office. His parents were called, and he was suspended. Wendell’s eye was examined by the school nurse and he was allowed to return to class.
This is all entirely out of character for Wendell. (Rudy in particular expressed disbelief upon hearing it.). Coney’s theory is that he did it to remain across the street from Lin. (So, she gave him something *not* to fight for?)
Kudos to Rachel for both intervening so quickly and for finding out exactly what happened, enabling the Headmaster to make an informed judgment. I suspect, however, that there’s more to come on this.

If someone did that in MY classroom, I'd have them in the principal's office in an instant! (Yes, I am aware preschools don't usually have a principal's office)

Rachel will put a quick stop to this, before Wendell can retaliate.

Weren't the cabins at the camp divided by gender? And if they were, wouldn't Wendell notice that?

The cabins and tents were divided by gender, but Wendell didn’t notice that Jess wasn’t in his cabin. When they played games they were either on the bus or in common areas.


    Back when Coney switched places with Wendell at Herbivore Camp this summer, one of the first plant eaters she encountered was Jess the Cow.  With the aid of pheromones Coney was able to pull off the disguise (at least with those her own age, if not the camp counsellors).  Coney did, though, recognize that Jess was female which is more than Wendell did.
    Coney was concerned for Jess’s safety as she knew that Lin the tigress would feel jealous if she discovered Wendell was spending time with another female. When they all returned home, however, she found that Wendell had completely missed the gender of his gaming partner. (Now *that’s* focus.)  Lin doesn’t see her as a threat, which is fortunate for all involved.
    Wendell’s obliviousness lasted until both Wendell and Jess ended up at the Happy Little Forager Preschool.  To give him credit, after he got over his initial shock he decided he enjoyed their competitions too much for that to matter.

Today’s strip


    The new preschool for herbivores opened this week, across the street from Coney’s carnivore school.  That was quick work on the part of the beaver construction crew but then, they weren’t having to create a residence from a living tree and keeping it healthy afterwards.  (It’s a deeply held secret how they’re able to that.)  In this case, it was just a basic freestanding barn.
    I’m especially invested in the school’s success since Rachel is on staff.  This is a big moment for her; one that she’s prepared for for years not only through her college degree but also many summers of being a Herbivore Camp counsellor.
    As expected Wendell was one of the students enrolling on the first day. He never saw Coney (or Lin, for that matter) as the two schools staggered their pick up and drop off schedules. That was for the safety of not only the children, but also the parents.
    In Wendell’s case, there’s a nearly entrance to the Rabbit Warren. (I know where it is from my days of growing up down there, but of course I don’t reveal its location.)  An observer merely sees Ms. Luckyfoot emerging from the woods behind the school, and she and Wendell leaving in the same direction.
    Other parents arrive by car, just as the carnivore kids do. The two groups are certainly aware of each other, and the street dividing them is less a barrier than the lake separating the Herbivore Camp from the Predator Camp. Childhood curiosity being what it is, there are a lot of glances out the front windows inside both buildings.
    The main contact between the two is the semi-constant texting between Wendell and Lin.

Today’s strip

Isn't assuming the threat of predators is enough to keep out vegetable thieves the same mistake Rudy made?

Yes, exactly. However, these are preschoolers who aren’t at the level on which Rudy is competing.

So is Rachel going to be Mrs. Einhorn or Ms. Einhorn to her students?

Ms. Einhorn.

Speaking of which, what's Mr. Fennec going to do when Connie and Francis become full time students and are too old for daycare?

Dad has found other things for him to do around the office to keep him out of trouble.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to Francis if he went through the portal to the human world?

All the time; considering that any offspring Fenton and I would have in the future would have the same issues.